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Welcome to the Story Book.  Here you can read many great short stories by many great students.  Many of the stories are quite short because they were written in less than 10 minutes during English lessons.

 All of the students hope that you enjoy their stories and want to thank you for visiting.

Students, contact your teacher to help you put your stories here.


The Fire Boy and his Toys

One day, Lo Fu Chi was walking down the street when he saw a building on fire.  There was a fat woman standing in front of the building.  She was crying and shouting loudly, 'Help, My son is inside the building!'

Lo Fu Chi was very kind, he ran into the building and passed through the fire.  Luckily, he came out from the building with her crying son.  However, the woman wasn't very happy because her son was crying, so she ordered Lo Fu Chi to go into the burning building again to help her son get his toys.  Lo Fu Chi was so kind that he accepted her order. He went into the building again!

By Cecilia Tang

Ocean Park and Australia

I like to go to Ocean Park because I like to ride on the rollercoaster.  I like to sit in the cable car too.  I want to go there this summer because I have a summer holiday.  But, I don't like to go there on public holidays because there will be too many people in Ocean Park. 

I also like to go to Australia because I want to hold the koala bears and feed the kangaroos.  My aunt gave me some pictures about this before.  They are really cute and interesting.

By Serena Chan

The Adventure of Peter

On Sunday, the Lee family is at home.  Mrs. Lee is early to get up.  She sees Peter is sleeping, but she didn't get him up because she knows Peter was late to go to sleep yesterday.  She goes into the kitchen to start cooking the breakfast.  Peter gets up at ten o'clock in the morning.  He goes to the sitting room and eats his breakfast.  His father tells him," How lazy you are."  Peter says, "I'm sorry, next time I will get up early in the morning."  But, the next morning Peter is late to get up.  His father says that he is a very lazy boy.  Peter didn't want his father, he takes a robot and two sweets in a box.  Then, he opens the door, runs to the bus stop, and gets on the bus.  Peter wants to go to  China and live with his grandfather.  The bus goes into a big ship.  The ship will go fast to Japan and then go back to China.

The next day, there is a storm.  The ship is sinking.  Peter swims to an island.  He sees a boy, he is holding a sword.  He asks Peter what his name is.  Peter says his name is Peter and the boy says his name is John.  His father and mother died ten weeks ago.  He lives in a forest.  John brings Peter to his house.  In the forest, Peter sees many animals, for example; monkeys, elephants, zebras, crocodiles....  Crocodiles!  John picks up a stone and throws it at the crocodiles.  They are very angry.  They open their mouths and want to eat John!  Peter remembers he has a bag.  He opens the bag and takes out a sweet and throws it to the crocodiles.  They see the sweet and they run to eat the sweet.  At this moment, Peter and John run to John's house.  When they are at John's house, it is night, so John takes Peter to the sea to catch some fish for dinner.  When they are catching fish, they see a shark.  It is very big.  It swims towards them!  Peter takes out his bag, takes out a sweet, and throws it to the shark.  The shark swims to the sweet and eats it.  At this moment, Peter and John go back to the house. 

One day later, Peter takes some tree trunks to make a boat.  When he is finished, he brings John to see the boat.  They get into the boat and go back to China.  When Peter gets to his grandfather's home, he is thinking about his father and mother, so he goes back to Hong Kong to see them.  When Peter gets home, his dad and mum are very happy.  They make a party for Peter.  Peter is happy too.  Oh!  Where is John?  It's all right, John is in Peter's bag.  He is happy too!

By Neville Cheung

Where I Like to Go

I like to go to Ocean Park because I like to ride on the roller coaster.  I Like to sit in the cable car too.  I want to go there this summer because I have a summer holiday, but I don't' like to go there on public holidays because there will be too many people in Ocean Park. 

I also like to go to Australia because I want to hold the koala bears and feed the kangaroos.  My aunt gave me some pictures about them before.  They are really cute and interesting.

By Serena Chan

The Bad Restaurant

One night, my girlfriend and I went to a restaurant to have dinner.  We saw a waiter, the waiter brought us to an empty table and we sat down.  We saw some naughty boys playing around the restaurant. Next to the boys, there was an argument between a customer and a waiter.  Although the restaurant was quite noisy, there was a pretty girl singing sweetly on the stage to make the customers calm down.

By Kenneth Mak

A Greedy Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a rabbit in a forest.  It was very greedy in wanting to have carrots.  One day, it saw one carrot on the ground.  It wasn't very happy because there was just one.  It didn't eat that carrot and it went away.  It wanted to have more and more carrots.  It looked and looked but it did not find any more carrots.  It was tired and hungry and very disappointed.  The poor rabbit did not have anything to eat.  It only had leaves.  In the end, it died on a road.

By Calvin Yung

Impolite Waiter

Jeff went to a restaurant to have his lunch yesterday.  He found out something very bad.  The waiter at that restaurant was very impolite.  The waiter asked the people to eat faster and pay the bill as fast as they could.  Jeff thought that the waiter was not good, so he had his lunch as slow as he could.  The waiter noticed this and picked up a glass of water and poured it on Jeff's head.  Jeff was angry with him.  He picked up a knife and threw it at the waiter and then, he went away.

By Billy Tang

The Black Cat's Magic

When I was walking along the street yesterday evening, I saw a black ugly cat.  The cat had a pair of bright eyes and it scared me.  Suddenly, the cat ran out to the road and was hit by a truck.  The truck driver didn't stop and I ran back to my home frightened.

The next morning, when I was going to the bus stop, I saw a lot of people standing on the road where the cat died.  I ran there and found that the truck driver was laying on the road with red blood under him.  The most scary thing was that I saw some black cat fur under the driver too.

By Cecilia Tang

A Dangerous Story

I was walking on the road.  Suddenly something was coming.  It looked like a plane, but it was much smaller.  My curiosity made me go into it.  Suddenly, I knew that this plane could change time.  It could take you to the past or future.  I tried to move it and it took me to an unknown time.  I wanted to know when it was.  It was full of huge animals.  I went into a forest.  A large animal tried to step on me.  I left at once, but it tried many times to kill me with its foot.  I saw its face, it looked like a lizard.  I knew it was a long time ago.  The big animal was a dinosaur.  I was really scared of it so I went to find the plane.  When I found the plane, I saw that it was by a dinosaur.  I hid myself in the grass.  Finally, the dinosaur left.  I went to the plane as fast as I could.  I moved it and it took me back to the future.  Suddenly, a man asked me why I was sitting in his plane.  I was so happy and told him to take me to the time that I came from.  He promised and he brought me to my home.  I thanked him for what he did and I won't forget this day.

By Chris Yung

Lovely Christmas Tree Baby

During Christmas, people like to dress up differently, just like Santa, reindeer, and so on.  One of them was a little baby dressed up as a Christmas tree.  It was very lovely.  I think the tree was too heavy for him, and it was too large.  The baby was given a Christmas present from his relatives.  He was glad.  He ran around in his home.  Finally, he fell on the floor because of the big Christmas tree costume.  He didn't cry at all, he laughed loudly and happily.  I think he just thought it was fun.  His mother saw this, quickly got her camera, and took a photo of the baby.  That's the photo in front of you!

By Vivian Ting

A Flooding

One day, an alien arrived on Earth.  He found that there was flooding in Dead City.  He didn't know what flooding was so he was interested in it.  He packed up his luggage and went down to Dead City.  When he arrived, he exclaimed, 'Wow! I have never seen such a big swimming pool before!'  He dressed up in his swimming suit and jumped into the water.  Finally, his dead body was found.  His head was injured seriously while he was swimming!

By Peggy Leung

Paul and Jenny

One day, Jenny called Paul and asked Paul to come to her home at three o'clock.  Paul went to Jenny's home but nobody was at home.  Paul called Jenny and she said, "Oh, sorry, the doorbell is broken!"  So Paul knocked on the door and Jenny opened the door.  Now, Paul could go inside.  They played very happy.  At night they watched a film and had dinner together.  When they were watching the film, Paul's mom called Paul to go home, then Paul went home, but it was already 12:00 p.m.

By Vanessa Lai

Ada's Garden Restaurant

Today I went to a terrible restaurant which was called Ada's Garden.  It was a new restaurant and was only open for three months.  I wanted to try it but it was very disappointing.  When I went into the restaurant, it was really noisy because there were some customers arguing.  Although I don't know what they were arguing about, I felt very annoyed.  The waiters were not very good too.  A customer complained to the waiter because the food was very slow.  I think the restaurant ought to train the waiters again.  They wouldn't lose customers if they improved their services.

By Ada Tse

Jackson and the Little Girl

On a cloudy day Jackson went to a beach.  After he had arrived, since it was autumn, there was no one at the sea.  There was nothing but the beach.  Suddenly, he saw a little girl walking alone on the beach. 

"Hello, where is your mum?" asked Jackson.

"Oh, she had just left because of the tsunami a few minutes before," the girl replied.

"I wonder if you are the crazy killer.  Am I right?" asked the girl.

"Well, you are very clever, but this will cost you your life.  I won't forgive anyone who recognizes me," replied Jackson.

"But... Look out!" shouted the little girl.

"No way, I won't listen to you!" yelled Jackson.

At the same time, another tsunami came.  Jackson was gone and in the end the girl was still alive.

by Gary Chan

Free as a Bird

Last Sunday, Penny and her father went to the beach for fun.  However, that day was a cloudy day, a really cloudy day.  None of the visitors were at the beach.  There were only two people, Penny and her father.  They weren't chatting, playing or doing other things.  They were just walking along the sea in the cool wind.  They were walking because they thought that they were as free as the wind when they were walking along the sea on this cloudy day.

By Harry Chung

The Fruit Animals

I used many foods to make some animals.  They are a fish, a dog, a cat, and many more.  I like the monkey the best.  I think it is cute.  Its eyes and nose are made of grapes.  Its ears are made of oranges and its mouth is made of a grapefruit.  Its head is made of a honeydew melon.  Its body is made of a pineapple and its hands are made of bananas.  It wears a cap, but it is not made of fruit.  Do you think it looks very nice?

By Jack Tang

The Primary 2 Class

On Monday, the P2 teacher is sick.  The P2 class students are naughty.  Tom is sleeping at his desk.  Sue is playing dolls.  Her dolls are ugly.  Peter is playing with a pink toy car under the teacher's desk.  One student is not naughty, Mimi.  She is reading a book.

By Priscilla Chan

Cycling Competition

Last week, my school had a cycling competition.  I was a participant in the cycling competition and my friend Ken, Jason, Michael were also participants in the competition.  During the competition, I saw my friend Michael in first place and Ken and I were in second and third.  At the end of the race, I got the championship.  Ken got first runner up and Michael got second runner up.  We were happy and I think the competition was very interesting.

By Vincent Lam

Do You Know Paul and Jenny

Do you know Paul?  He has no hair and he is a funny boy.  He always tells some jokes for us.  And how about Jenny?  She is a pretty and nice girl.  She is Paul's older sister.  She is good to Paul.  When Paul needs any help, she will always help him.  They are Paul and Jenny.  They also are my best friends.

by Minnie Poon

Cat and Mouse

One day, I saw a black cat in a pet shop.  It was very cute.  I liked it very much so I bought it for me.  Two days ago, my brother bought a mouse.  It was white.  I thought the mouse would die because my cat would eat it, but they were friendly.  They ate together.  They played together and they swam together, too.  It was a very funny thing.

by Ken Tang

The Dog Family

My friend has a big dog and seven puppies, the big dog is a mother dog and the puppies are her sons and daughters.  Look!  They are in the garden.  All the puppies are having lunch and the mother dog is waiting for them to play ball with my friend, their master, and I.  They are good at running and cute because their skin colour is like Snow White's.  The mother dog is good at running and it runs very fast.

By Vanessa Lai

My Shinkansen Train

In my home, I have a Shinkansen toy train.  It looks lovely and cute.  It can run fast and it has many good friends.  It sleeps with me every night so I like my Shinkansen toy the best.

By Tommy Ng

My Hamsters

I have four hamsters and I love them very much because I think they are very cute and interesting, but I don't know why they always bite me.  Sometimes I will cry because I feel very painful.  Next, I will not give them food, then they will sleep.  My mother always says, 'Please give some food to them, they are very hungry.'  At last, I give them some food.  Everyday I will play with them.

By Selota Wai

A Cowardly Man

Once upon a time, there was a man called Tom.  He was cowardly, but he always drunk wine.  One day, he went to a hill which had a very large tiger.  He went into a hotel and bought ten big drums of wine to drink.  After that, he went onto the hill.  Suddenly, a large tiger chased him and it wanted to eat him, but it bumped into a big tree carelessly.  From that day on, all of the people thought that he was brave because he killed the large tiger.

By Kenny Ng

A Day in Disneyland

Date: 20th, April, 2005
Weather: sunny, warm, 25

          Today, I went to Disneyland with my mother and father.  We arrived there at one o'clock.  After buying tickets, we went inside.

          The first thing we did was ride on the roller coaster.  It was fast and scary.

         Then, we took many photographs with Winnie the Pooh.  He is very cute.

          At the end of the day, we bought many souvenirs.  We bought a keychain for my friend.

          I am very happy today.  I hope I can visit Disneyland next year again!

By Joyce Li

May's Birthday

Yesterday was May's birthday.  Harry, Jason, Sally, Sam and I went to May's birthday party.  After we played some games, May cut the birthday cake and made a wish.  Then we gave presents to her.  She was happy to receive the gifts.  Next, we watched a film together.  Lastly, we went home.  Although we were tired, we were happy!

By Vanessa Lai

Cycling Competition

On the first of March, I went to cycle with my friend.  After cycling and lunch, we went to watch a cycling competition.  We don't like cycling competitions, but my friend Kelvin's cousin was in the competition, so we went to watch him.  At the beginning, we tried to find him, but it was difficult because there were many people in the competition.  When the competition started, we saw him, he was wearing red clothes and his number was 74.  He was third when he turned for the last round then he fell down and got hurt so he lost.  He was very unhappy and we said, "Try again next year."  The next year, he took second place.

By Ken Cham

Tony, Jenny, and Gogo

On Saturday, Tony, Jenny and Gogo are visiting Hong Kong Park.  They are at the entrance, they are very hungry.  Gogo asks where the food shop is, but Tony and Jenny are not beside Gogo.   Oh!  Where are they now?  So Gogo tries to find them in the park, but he can't find them.  Gogo wants to cry at this time.  Gogo sees a thief who is taking Jenny and Tony in a car, but they don't know, because they are sleeping.  Gogo goes and fights with the thief.  Gogo is the winner.  He takes the thief to the police-station and Tony, Jenny, and Gogo go home.

By Neville Cheung

My Third Eye

Last night, I had a crazy dream.  It was about my third eye.  When I woke up in the dream, I found my third eye, it was on my finger.  I tried to use it to look at other things and I was successful.  I felt very surprised because I could see through walls.  One night, I went to a shopping centre to look around the shops and I saw a robber stealing something from a shop which was closed.  Then I called the police quickly and while I was on the phone, the robber discovered me and he shot at me with his gun.  One of the bullets hit my third eye.  This is when I woke up.

By Kenny Ng

The Very Lazy Boy

One day a boy was sleeping in his bed.  He forgot to go to school.  When he woke up, it was nine o'clock.  He quickly went to school by bus.  When he arrived at school, he forgot to put his homework and school books in his school bag!  When he went into his classroom his teacher asked him why he was very late and the boy said, 'Because yesterday I went to bed at four o'clock.'  After school he went to bed again, his mother was very angry and said quickly, 'Do your homework.'  The boy cried very loudly.  After he did his homework, it was nine o'clock.  He felt very sleepy so he went to bed and slept again.  He was a very lazy boy!

By Sammi Sin

My Favourite Thing

My favourite thing is my computer.  I always play computer games on Saturday or Sunday.  I can use the computer to do some exercises and play computer games.  My computer is black and big.  I like my computer very much.

By Winnie Wong

A Happy Park

Yesterday many people went to the park but I couldn't.  From my window, I could see many people in the park.  I saw Tom and Andy running.  Anna and Angela were talking.  Mary was reading.  Sam was eating sandwiches.  Miss Chan was talking with Peter.  Tony and Leo were playing football and Betty was drawing a picture.  Everyone was happy but I was sad.

By Angel Ng

A Park

Yesterday, Jenny and I went to the park.  I saw many people in the park.  We saw Betty talking with Miss Yip.  Peter and BoBo were running.  Jenny and I were walking.  We saw many birds flying in the sky.  They were very cute.  Tommy was drawing with Jenny and me.  We were very happy on this day.

By Annie Lo

The Snake Boy

Thailand is a special country because there is a child who can take a bath with a giant snake.  Every morning, he takes a bath with it.  He is five years old, but he is not afraid of the snake.  Every morning there are many people to watch them.  Most people are very surprised to see the boy and the snake together.  The snake does not hurt the boy because the boy looks after it.  At last, the master killed the snake because the snake might eat the boy.

By Jerry Fu

A Trip to Tsing Yi Park

On Sunday, Peter, Tony, and Alan are in Tsing Yi Park.  They have a camp in there, they bring many toys.  Now, they are finished lunch.  They start to play with their toys.  They play with the ball.  They are paying happily.  Look!  There is a dog sleeping under a bench!  They are frightened of that dog, so they walk away.  Now, they eat dinner.  They see many stars in the sky.  It is beautiful.  They like this camp, and they go to the bus stop.  The bus is coming now, and they get on the bus and go Home.

By Neville Cheung

The Safe Thief was not Safe

In the night a thief went to Lo Fu Chi's house to take Lo Fu Chi's money.  The thief took the keys to open the door of the safe.  He opened the door and saw a lot of money.  Then Lo Fu chi kicked the thief into the safe and closed the door to the safe.  The police wanted to catch the thief but the key was with the thief in the safe!  After one hour the thief died because there was no air.

By Jerry Fu


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