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English Teaching Rules:

* The Rules listed below are only for our English Department.  Rules for the Music Department may vary so please refer to your Music Department Rules Sheet for them.  If you have any questions about the Music Department Rules you may email Miss Yau at:  franjus2003@yahoo.com


Requirements for Enrolment:

1. All students must be committed to learning at least one lesson per week.  Students wishing to only learn 3 or less lessons per month or 4 lessons in a month with 5 scheduled weeks need not apply.

2. Only students who are able to learn at a regularly scheduled time will be accepted.   Some rescheduling is allowed, please view 'Rule 4a' and 'Rule 5a' below.

3. Only students who plan to learn on a long-term basis will be accepted.  We do not accept students who are only planning to learn for a few lessons such as for examinations and tests.

4. Only students who are serious about improving their English will be accepted for enrolment.   Anyone interested in learning under Mr. Justin Saley must first to come for and pass an interview.   Please read the 'Additional Requirements for Enrolment under Mr. Justin Saley below.  All interviews are free of charge. 

5. Individuals of all ages may enrol in the English Department; however, Mr. Justin Saley only accepts students in Primary 6 to adults.


Additional Requirements for Enrolment
Under Mr. Justin Saley

1. All potential students must be in Primary 6 or higher, and be well behaved.

2. All potential students must display a real interest in learning English and improving themselves.

3. All potential students must come for a free interview before enrolling under Mr.  Saley.  Please contact Miss Yau to schedule an interview.  You may need to wait for a period of time before being able to schedule an interview based on the amount of people ahead of you on the waiting list for Mr. Saley.

4. All potential students in primary or secondary school must attend their interview with at least one parent or guardian.  No exceptions will be made. 

5. All potential students will be tested at their interview.  They will be tested on their English knowledge and skill, as well as many other factors needed to make a decision on whether they may enrol under Mr. Saley.

6. Individuals who come for an interview are not required to enrol and they will receive no pressure to do so. However, they must also understand that they may not be accepted for enrolment if they do not meet the requirements.

*If a potential student is not accepted for enrolment under Mr. Saley, he/she may enrol under another teacher at Franjus, providing he/she wishes to do so.


The Basic Rules:

1a. One Lesson per Week
All students must have one lesson per week.  That means if there are 5 lessons in a calendar month, you are required to take 5 lessons, unless holidays reduce the amount of lessons you would have.  If there is a week that you are unable to come, such as when you are on holiday, you may reschedule that lesson to another week, resulting in on e week having no lesson and the other week having two lessons.


2a. No Canceling of Lessons Allowed
Students are
not allowed to cancel lessons for any reason.  However, students may reschedule as listed in 'Rule 4a' or 'Rule 5a'.  There are several holidays per year when there will be no lessons.  The Franjus holidays do no t exactly follow the HK public holidays; please view 'Rule 3a' for the exact holidays.


3a. Franjus Holidays
At the Franjus Teaching Centre, there are 18 holidays for students during a calendar year.  Most years, there will be additional holidays for students because of their teacher taking a leave of absence. 

The holidays are as follows;

January 1st (New Years Day)
Chinese New Year (New Years Eve, Day 1 to 6) [7 days in total]
Easter (Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday & Monday)
July 1st (HKSAR Establishment Day)
Mid-Autumn Festival (The day, not the day after)
October 1st (Chinese National Day)
December 24th, 25th, 26th  (Christmas Holiday)

* The Franjus Teaching Centre does not exactly follow the official public holidays of Hong Kong.  All lessons that occur on holidays not mentioned above (including public holidays) are NOT automatically cancelled.

*If a student wishes to reschedule a lesson which occurs on a Hong Kong public holiday which is not a Franjus holiday, the rescheduled lesson will count toward his/her rescheduling allowance.  Please refer to 'Rule 4a' for more information.


4a. Rescheduling Rules
Students are only allowed to reschedule 6 times in 6 months and never more than 2 times in any given month.  This is an average of 1 time per month.  No rescheduling above the allowed amount will be permitted.   When students are unable to attend lessons beyond the allowed rescheduled amount, they wil need to pay for those lessons no matter if they attend the lessons or not.  Unused rescheduling allowance cannot be carried over o future 6 month periods.  A six month period is counted as months 1 to 6, months 7 to 12, and so on. 

E.g. If a student is unable to attend their lesson at their regularly scheduled time on 3 occasions in a month, they can reschedule 2 lessons and will have to either find a way to attend their 3rd lesson at the regularly scheduled time or lose the payment for that lesson.  This is assuming that the student has not used up their rescheduling allowance previously.

Even in the case of illness or an emergency, students need to inform their teacher as soon as possible when they are unable to attend their regularly scheduled lessons.   Students who continuously reschedule lessons with less than 2 days prior notice may need to supply proof of their emergency or illness, such as a note from their doctor.   Pease refer to 'Rule 6a' for more information.


5a. Rescheduling Rules for 3-Student Lessons Only
Students who learn in 3-student lessons have different rescheduling rules than students who learn by themselves or in 2-student lessons.  There are 3 methods used when 1 student in a 3-student lesson is unable to attend a lesson.  The students and parents involved must decide which method they prefer to use and inform their teacher i=of their decision.  When 2 or all 3 students are unable to attend their lesson at its regularly scheduled time, only 'Method 2' can be used.  Method two is the same as 'Rule 4a'.   Although the method used can be changed from time to time, it is recommended that students use on e method for simplicity.

Method 1:   In method 1, students may take leave once every 2 months.  The other 2 students need to pay the school fee for a 2-student lesson for that lesson.

For example:  There are 4 lessons in a month, but 1 student can only come for 3 of the 4 lessons.   For the lesson when this student cannot come, the other 2 students will attend the lesson as usual and pay the fee for a 2-student lesson ($180) for that lesson.  Since the 3-student lesson free is ($150), the 2 students would need to pay $30 more than usual for that month.   The students would pay $630 [{3 x $150} + (1 x $180)]  instead of $600 [(4 x $150)]

Method 2: In method 2, the 3 students may together reschedule the lesson just like 1-student and 2-student lessons.   (Please refer to 'Rule 4a' for more information).  However, for some 3-student groups, it can be difficult to find a suitable time when everyone is available.

Method 3: In method 3, any student may take leave once every 2 months.  If the other 2 students do not agree to pay the school fee for a 2-student lesson (method 1), the student who needs to miss a lesson just pays his/her tuition as if they were attending the lesson.  This method is the simplest, but also the most costly for the student missing the lesson.

*If the students involved have already paid their month's tuition before knowledge of a student needing to miss a lesson occurs, their tuition will be correctly adjusted in the next month's tuition.


6a. Absences without Prior Notice will Cost Students their Lesson
 Any absence from a lesson without prior notice, as stated in 'Rule 4a', will have no compensation.  You may give us prior notice in person, by telephone, or by phone message.   (This means that if you do not inform us, you will not be able to reschedule your missed lesson or get your money back.)


7a. Payment Regulations (Tuition)
students should pay the tuition for the entire month on or before the first lesson of every month.  This includes the first lesson to the fourth or fifth lesson for that month.  Students may pay their tuition by cash, cheque or ATM deposits.  Please bring you r deposit slip as proof of payment when paying tuition by ATM deposit.

Students who fail to pay the school fee on or before the 15th of the month and have had 2 or more lessons up to this point in the month, will need to pay  a $100 late fee for each week (7 days) they are late.  For example; if a student pays on the 16th to the 22nd there is a $100 late fee.   If they pay on the 23rd to the 29th, there is a $200 dollar late fee.  Paying later than t=on the 29th, is reason enough for a student to be expelled form the Franjus Centre and carries a $300 late fee.   There are some instances where the late fee will be waved such as when a new student starts after the 15th day in a month.  Students who pay late will also receive a misconduct marks in most instances.  Please refer to the 'Student Rules for Lessons' section.

We really do not want to have to charge anyone a late fee, so please be responsible and pay on time.


8a. School Fee / Tuition Prices
All lessons are 1 hour (60 minutes)
The price for a 1-studnet lesson is $280 per lesson.

The price for a 2-student lesson is $180 per student, per lesson.  ($360 in total, per lesson)
The price for a 3-student lesson is $150 per student, per lesson.  ($450 in total, per lesson)


9a. Deposits
All new students are required to pay a deposit equal to the price of two of their lessons.  The deposit is due on the first lesson along with their first month's tuition.  The deposit must be paid in cash and NOT by cheques or ATM deposits.

Upon leaving the Franjus Centre, the deposit will be returned to students in the form of cash as long as they meet the following criteria:

They have informed their teacher in writing that they will be leaving the centre at least 15 days before their last lesson.  (A simple hand written or typed letter in English or Chinese is acceptable.  It must be signed by an adult.)
They have learnt for three months or longer.
They have paid all tuition and other fees or charges.

Please bring your 'Deposit Receipt' when collecting your deposit so that it will be easier to locate your deposit record.  If you have misplaced your 'Deposit Receipt' your deposit can still be returned to you without it.


10a. Leave of Absence
 If a student needs to stop learning for a period of time such as for a month or a couple of months, his/her time slot cannot be saved for him/her.  However, providing that he/she has followed the rules in the past, he/she will be allowed to be placed at the top of the waiting list and may return when a suitable time slot opens up.  Students needing a 'Leave of Absence' must inform their teacher in writing of their last lesson with at least 15 days prior notice or they risk losing their deposit.  ( A simple letter in English or Chinese signed by an adult is acceptable.)


11a. Teacher's Absences or Leave of Absences
When the teacher is not available to teach a scheduled lesson due to illness or an emergency, the missed lesson will be cancelled unless the student wishes to have the lesson rescheduled.  (In some circumstances, the teacher may require the student to reschedule the missed lesson.)

If the teacher has taken a 'Leave of Absence', such as for traveling, all lessons which would normally be held during that time will be cancelled by the teacher.  The student can consider these a holiday.


12a. Typhoons and Black Rain Storm Warnings
All lessons will not be taught wile the Black Rain Storm Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above is hoisted.

If the Black Rain Storm Warning Signal / Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above is lowered 3 or more hours before you scheduled lesson, you must attend your lesson as normal.  If you do not, you will be considered absent and will not receive any compensation for the missed lesson.

Lessons missed during the Black Rain Storm Warning Signal / Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above will be cancelled without compensation or rescheduling.


13a. The Misconduct System for Students
A misconduct system has been implemented in the English Department of the Franjus Teaching Centre to improve the behaviour and work ethics of students.  Please refer to the 'Student Rules for Lessons' below for more information.


Student Rules for Lessons:

The Misconduct System
All students will have a Misconduct Record.  Each time a student does not follow the rules; he/she will be given misconduct marks.  Serious infractions of the rules such as fighting or vandalizing will warrant multiple misconduct marks with less severe infractions such as occasionally forgetting homework, warranting 1 misconduct mark.  It is p to the teacher to decide how many and when misconduct marks will be given, but many of the rules list the normal amount of misconduct marks a student will receive for breaking the rule.


1b. Finish and Bring Your Homework / Books   (1 misconduct mark)
Students must remember to finish and bring their homework to their lessons.  Failing to have or finish your homework or forgetting to bring your books and other material will result in you receiving a misconduct mark.

2b. Ring the Door Bell Once  (1 misconduct mark after warning)
should not continuously ring the door bell or continuously hold the doorbell down.  If a student rings the door bell many times or holds the bell down for a long time, they will receive a misconduct mark.


3b. Do not Touch or Play with House Items ( 1+ misconduct marks)
Students should not play with the fans, televisions, stereos, computers, windows, telephones, and etcetera.  Students may receive misconduct marks if they play or touch this that they should not be touching, especially if they have been previously told not to touch or play with a specific item or they damage the item.


4b. Do Not Open Windows  ( 1 misconduct mark after warning)
Students and visitors should not open any windows, including the bathroom window.
Franjus centre is a controlled environment designed to reduce pollution and improve home air quality.  Opening the windows can seriously damage this controlled environment and also allow insects into the home which can attack the plants used to clean and oxidize the air inside the home.


5b. Do not Use the Kitchen except to Throw Away Rubbish
Students should not go into the kitchen and take drinks or food, open cupboards, or play with items in the kitchen.  However, they ma h use the kitchen to throw away rubbish.   Students who take food or water, open cupboards to snoop, or play with things in the kitchen will receive misconduct marks.


6b. Some Rooms are Off Limits to Students  (1 misconduct mark)
 The master bedroom and office are off limits to students unless their teacher has allowed them to visit the room for reasons such as seeing something on the computer or internet.  Students should never enter these rooms without their teacher's permission.


7b. Do not Play with or Hide the Teacher's Teaching Materials
Students should not inappropriately play with or hide the teacher's teaching materials,  including the timer, magnets, game boards, electronic dictionary and the teacher's lesson books.  Students  may receive misconduct marks for playing with the teaching materials inappropriately or hiding them.


8b. Don't Play with Your Phone, PSP, MP3, etc. (1 misconduct mark)
Students must not play with their mobile phone, NDS, PSP, Game Boy, MP3, MP4 or other electronic devices or with toys during their lessons.  In most instances, their teacher will give them 1 misconduct mark for playing with these items.  It is okay to use these items while you wait for your lesson as long as you don't disturb others.


9b. Keep Things Clean & Tidy   (May result in misconduct marks)
Students need to place books and magazines back into place after they finish using them.  Students should put the sofa cushions back into place if they move them.  Students should not leave rubbish lying around or hide it somewhere.  Students may receive misconduct marks for not keeping things clean.


10b. One Student in the Washroom at a Time
 Only one student ma use the washroom at a time.  The washroom is not a place for gossiping or playing.  Also students are asked to try to use their washroom at home before coming to their lessons so that they will not need to interrupt their lessons.  There may be occasions where two students may be allowed to use the washroom at the same time such as for medical reasons.


11b. Speak English in Lessons  (1 or more misconduct marks)
Students should only speak English in lessons, except for when Cantonese is needed for understanding or explaining.  Any student caught speaking languages other than English, such as Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese, for excessive gossiping, for the usage of foul language, for the speaking of serious negative comments, and for any other reason of which the teacher feels is unacceptable, will receive 1 or more misconduct marks.


12b. Misbehaviour is not Allowed (1 or more misconduct marks)
Students who misbehave and continue to misbehave after being warned by their teacher, will receive misconduct marks.   The amount of misconduct marks will depend upon the severity of the situation.  Misbehaviour can include, but is not limited to the following; speaking foul language, saying negative comments, fighting, kicking, running around, refusing to listen to your teacher, hiding rubbish or classmate's items, showing no interest in your lessons), disrespecting your teacher, crying, arguing, sleeping, excessive complaining, unwillingness to speak, and hiding or moving away other's shoes.


13b. Dress Appropriately   (1 misconduct mark)
Dress appropriately for you lessons. Do not wear clothing that would not be suitable to go out in, such as pajamas.  On cold winter days it is suggested that students wear several items of clothing so that the y will be able to remove some of them incase they find our centre too hot.  Normally, our centre will be kept at around 20C in winter.


14b. If You Damage Something You Must Pay for It  
Students will need to pay for any damages they cause no matter if it is an accident or on purpose.   Students will usually receive misconduct marks when they damage something.  The decision of misconduct marks is to be decided upon by their teacher based on the situation.


15b. Don't Steal or Vandalize  (1 misconduct mark after warning)
Students who are caught stealing or vandalizing will likely be expelled from Franjus.  They will be required to pay for the damages and or lost items .  They may also be legally charged.  It they are not expelled, multiple misconduct marks will be given.


16b. Remove Shoes Before Entering
Please remove your shoes before you enter our center and place your shoes near the door or wall so that our neighbours will not have your shoes blocking their pathway to their home.


17b. Be on Time but not too Early 
Students should come to their lessons on time, but should not be more than 10 minutes early.  Students, who continuously are late for their lessons without good  reason, may receive 1 misconduct mark.  The decision will be up to their teacher and based on the reason(s) for being late and the frequency of the lateness.


18b. Attend Your Lessons (misconduct mark(s) in some situations)
Students who do not show up for their lessons without prior notice will need to explain their absence at their next lesson.  They may require a letter from their parents, school or doctor to avoid receiving misconduct marks.   They will also receive no compensation.  Please refer to 'Rule 6a' for more information.


19b. Students may Bring Drinks but not Smelly or Messy Foods
Students may drink drinks in closable containers such as those in a plastic bottle during their lessons.  Drinks in glasses are discouraged as they often get spilled onto books and papers,   Some snacks may be allowed as long as they are not going to interrupt the lesson.  Smelly foods such as durian, octopus and dried cuttlefish are not allowed.  For most students, it is best for you to try to avoid eating at your lessons.  In some cases, the teacher may not allow some students to eat at their lessons if it is interrupting the lesson.  Students should not ask for food or drinks.


20b. Pay Your Tuition on Time  (1 or more misconduct marks)
Students should pay their tuition for the entire month on or before the first lesson of the month.  Students, who have had at least two lessons by the 15th of the month, will receive misconduct mark(s) and a late payment fee.

Students who fail to pay their tuition until the 16th to the 22nd will receive 1 misconduct mark and a $100 late fee.  

Students who fail to pay their tuition until the 23rd to the 29th of the month will receive 3 misconduct marks and a $200 late fee.

Students who fail to pay their tuition by the 29th of the month will receive no less than 5 misconduct marks, a $300 late fee and risk being expelled from the centre.

*Please pay your tuition on time so that we do not need to enforce this rule.  There are some instances where the late fee will be waved such as when a new student starts after the 15th day of a month.


21b. Follow the 'Basic Rules'  (may require 1+ misconduct marks)
Not following the 'Basic Rules' may also lead to misconduct marks being given to students.


The End



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