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Justin Saley is the head English Teacher at Franjus.  He has been teaching English in Hong Kong for several years and currently, has nearly 80 private students, including: primary 6 students; secondary students; university students; teachers; engineers; translators; accountants; salespeople; business owners; and other professionals.

Justin enjoys teaching and he loves helping his students achieve their goals.  He spends much of his free time creating new teaching materials, and improving his teaching techniques.  His experience and enthusiasm are easily noticed and students who have been disappointed with other English teachers or centres in the past are often very happy under his tutelage.  Justin firmly believes in providing high quality lessons that focus on student participation.

Justin graduated from both college and high school with honours.  He has earned several diplomas during his seven years of post-secondary education.  In 1991 he was awarded the Rossburn Collegiate Institute Bursary (a financial award given by his secondary school to only one graduating student who has contributed greatly to his/her school) for his work on the school's newspaper, contributions to the drama department, and for the many occasions that he represented the school in competitions.  Justin has written articles for newspapers and was a writer for all of his schools' newspapers.  He has written several books including Panacea, a collection of his comics.  His post-secondary studies include: English, education, phonetics, fine arts, design, marketing, photography, and business. 

Justin was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada.  He is the oldest of four children.  His parents and three brothers: Dion, Jaret, and Keegan, continue to live in Canada.  In 2001 he moved to Hong Kong to teach English and experience a new culture.

Justin has professional and personal contacts in more than 20 countries, and is a member of several organizations from around the world including a couple of think-tanks.   He enjoys spending time with his wife, Francesca, and his hobbies include: writing, hiking, wood working, cartooning, photography, designing, inventing, and the great outdoors.


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