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Lessons Fee

All Students Learn on a German Sauter Piano

Have your lessons taught in English, Cantonese or Mandarin

Please phone or email to enquire about prices.

Phone: 9300 0025




Lessons are available for 45, 60 or 90 minutes.



M U S I C   T H E O R Y

Lessons are available for either 45 or 60 minutes.



Instrument Accompanist

Performance/Music Competition


Lessons are available for either 45 or 60 minutes.

Students also learn the basic performance skills

on different instruments.



Music / Instrument Teacher Training
Teaching Method Discussion

This course is suitable for
 Kindergarten Music Teachers/

Less experienced piano teachers
Piano or strings grade 8 and above students

Class Duration: 45 minutes




M u s i c   C l a s s



This class is for developing basic music rhythm or music theory to prepare for learning Instruments.


E n s e m b l e   T r a i n i n g

For developing simple music co-operation skills on different instruments.

( Strings/Brass/Woodwind/Percussion) From 1 up to 6 different instruments

For Any Age

Class Duration:  45 minutes




P i a n o  D u e t s   /  T r i o
T r a i n i n g

Class Duration:  45 minutes

V o c a l   T r a i n i n g

This lesson teaches the proper way to breathe, how to use the vocal cords, and how to shape the mouth correctly when singing, as well as many other important skills.


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